Case Study: Bidify Takes IEP&Me to New Heights


IEP&Me, an ed-tech startup, struggled with RFPs due to a manual process handled by the CEO. Partnering with Bidify, they automated submissions with AI-driven proposals, increasing their success rate and targeting larger districts. This freed up the CEO's time and improved efficiency, significantly boosting revenue and providing a strong ROI. Overall, Bidify's services transformed IEP&Me's growth, enabling effective scaling and greater success.

"The transformation we've experienced since partnering with Bidify has been nothing short of remarkable. Their AI-driven approach and comprehensive management have allowed us to compete for and win large district contracts we previously could only dream of. The time and resources saved have been invaluable, and the ROI speaks for itself. We now have the bandwidth to focus on what we do best—innovating and providing top-notch educational tools for our clients."


IEP&Me is an innovative ed-tech startup dedicated to providing individualized education program (IEP) management tools for educators and administrators. The company's mission is to streamline the IEP process, ensuring that students receive the support they need to succeed. However, as a smaller startup, IEP&Me faced significant challenges in scaling their operations and securing contracts with large school districts.


  • Manual RFP Process: Initially, IEP&Me’s CEO was solely responsible for drafting and submitting RFPs. This manual process was labor-intensive, time-consuming, and often ineffective. Using standard templates, the CEO struggled to create tailored proposals that stood out to potential clients.
  • Resource Constraints: With limited staff and resources, the company found it difficult to dedicate the necessary time and effort to produce high-quality RFPs. The reliance on a single individual for the entire process also posed a significant bottleneck.
  • Low Success Rate: Despite the CEO’s best efforts, the company’s success rate for winning RFPs was low. This hindered their ability to secure large contracts and significantly impacted their growth potential.


In search of a more efficient and effective RFP process, IEP&Me turned to Bidify, a tech-enabled RFP proposal service. Bidify offered a comprehensive solution that not only automated the proposal writing process but also guaranteed success, providing IEP&Me with the confidence to pursue larger and more competitive opportunities.


  • Automated Proposal Writing: Bidify’s advanced AI technology took over the proposal writing process. The AI system created customized, high-quality proposals tailored to each specific RFP, ensuring that the submissions were both compelling and relevant.
  • End-to-End Management: Bidify handled the entire RFP process from start to finish. This included sourcing RFP opportunities, writing proposals, formatting, and branding on behalf of IEP&Me. This end-to-end service allowed the CEO to focus on strategic growth initiatives rather than being bogged down by the RFP process.
  • Guaranteed Wins: Bidify’s unique guarantee of RFP wins provided IEP&Me with the assurance that their investment would pay off. This confidence enabled the company to target larger districts and more competitive RFPs than ever before.


  • Increase in Success Rate: Since implementing Bidify’s services, IEP&Me has experienced an increase in their RFP success rate. The company has successfully bid on contracts with multiple large districts, and have secured new business. Not only boosting their revenue but their market presence.
  • Enhanced Scalability: With Bidify’s support, IEP&Me can now manage and submit multiple RFPs simultaneously. This scalability has allowed them to expand their operations and reach a broader audience.
  • Strong Return on Investment: The partnership with Bidify has proven to be a powerful growth lever for IEP&Me. The increased revenue from successful RFPs has delivered a strong ROI, validating the decision to outsource the RFP process.
  • Operational Efficiency: By outsourcing the RFP process to Bidify, IEP&Me has achieved greater operational efficiency. The CEO and the team can now dedicate more time to core business activities, innovation, and strategic planning, further driving the company’s growth.

IEP&Me’s partnership with Bidify is a testament to the power of leveraging advanced technology and expert services to drive business growth. By automating and enhancing their RFP process, IEP&Me has unlocked new opportunities and achieved a level of success that was previously out of reach. This case study highlights the significant impact that a strategic partnership with Bidify can have on a smaller startup, transforming challenges into opportunities for substantial growth and success.