Case Study: Spur Staffing's Transformation with Bidify


Spur Staffing is a tech-forward staffing company that focuses on providing innovative staffing solutions for education and commercial sectors. Spur Staffing is a well-established firm in the staffing industry, boasting annual revenues of over $50 million by consistently winning contracts through Request for Proposals (RFPs). They use proprietary software to enhance fill rates, retention, and employee satisfaction, ensuring superior staffing results at an affordable price. Spur Staffing connects qualified hourly employees with organizations, offering competitive wages, benefits, and career coaching to attract and retain top talent.

We do about 75 RFPs per year and Bidify has helped us win several. As CEO it has allowed me to finally hand off the RFP process and focus on my business.

The Challenge

Despite their success, Spur Staffing faced a significant internal challenge. The CEO, an experienced and dedicated leader, personally managed the RFP process. This responsibility included everything from identifying suitable RFP opportunities to writing detailed proposals and ensuring timely submissions. While this approach ensured that the proposals reflected the CEO's vision and understanding of the business, it came at a steep cost. The time and effort required for this task meant that the CEO was often preoccupied, leaving other crucial areas of the business underdeveloped.

The intensive RFP process left little room for strategic planning, innovation, and operational efficiency. It became clear that relying solely on the CEO for RFP management was unsustainable and posed a risk to the company’s growth and competitive edge.

The Solution: Partnering with Bidify

In search of a solution, Spur Staffing turned to Bidify, a tech-enabled RFP service designed to revolutionize the proposal writing process. Bidify's service stands out due to its comprehensive approach, handling every aspect of the RFP process from sourcing to submission. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, Bidify creates high-quality, compelling proposals tailored to the specific requirements of each RFP.

By investing in Bidify, Spur Staffing aimed to:

  1. Free Up Leadership Time: Allow the CEO to focus on strategic initiatives and other core business activities.
  2. Improve Proposal Quality: Utilize Bidify’s AI capabilities to enhance the quality and competitiveness of their proposals.
  3. Increase Win Rate: Secure more contracts by submitting more proposals without compromising on quality.

Implementation and Integration

The integration of Bidify into Spur Staffing’s operations was smooth and efficient. Bidify’s approach is plug-and-play, requiring minimal training and adaptation. Bidify’s AI-driven system and expert proposals team (with over $1.5B in RFP wins) quickly started generating proposals that matched the high standards set by the CEO. The process involved:

  1. Sourcing Opportunities: Bidify identified relevant RFP opportunities aligned with Spur Staffing's strengths and capabilities.
  2. Drafting Proposals: Using AI, Bidify crafted detailed, persuasive proposals, incorporating the necessary data, value props, and strategic insights.
  3. Review and Submission: Each proposal was reviewed for accuracy and completeness before submission, ensuring compliance with all RFP requirements.


The results of partnering with Bidify were impressive and multifaceted:

Operational Efficiency: With Bidify taking over the RFP process, the CEO could dedicate more time to strategic planning, business development, and other critical functions. This shift allowed for a more balanced and forward-looking approach to running the business.

Higher Win Rate: The quality of the AI-generated proposals was exceptional, leading to a higher success rate in securing contracts. Spur Staffing saw a notable increase in the number of RFPs won.

Significant ROI: The cost of Bidify’s service was quickly justified by the substantial returns. The ability to turn a $5,000 investment into seven-figure contracts underscored the value and efficiency of Bidify’s approach.

Business Growth: With more contracts secured and efficient operations, Spur Staffing experienced growth in both revenue and market presence. The company could now explore new opportunities and expand its services.

The partnership with Bidify has been transformative for Spur Staffing. By outsourcing the RFP process to a tech-enabled service, Spur Staffing not only maintained but enhanced its competitive edge in the market. The CEO’s time was freed up to focus on broader business objectives, while the high-quality proposals generated by Bidify ensured continued success in securing contracts.

Bidify proved to be an invaluable partner, demonstrating the potential of technology to streamline operations and drive business growth. Spur Staffing's experience highlights the benefits of leveraging AI and tech-enabled services in today’s competitive business landscape, setting a precedent for other companies to follow.