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Writing Ed. Tech. Proposals that Win

The education industry heavily relies upon RFPs to source educational technology (ed. tech.) solutions. From learning management systems for virtual classroom environments, to adaptive learning systems to tailor learning for each student’s needs, to game based learning (gamification), to online assessment tools and data analytics for instructors to gain insight on student performance, the list of how educational institutions utilize technology goes on and on. For you, this means so do the opportunities for business. At Bidify, we strive to help you win business with an ed. tech. proposal that stands out above the rest. Below we provide some tips to help you secure your next ed. tech. win.

Communicate Your Expertise

Begin your proposal with an executive summary that highlights a clear overview of your solution and a brief outline of the services you intend to provide. Keep this section concise and captivating. Next, demonstrate your expertise and experience by showcasing references from past clients and information on current projects. Include client testimonials from satisfied customers whom you have successfully assisted with system integrations and technical support.

Understand the Needs of the Client

Invest in your client. Take the time to show that you truly understand the institution’s requirements. Conduct a needs assessment to gather information on the institution, students, staff, and administrators. Ask questions as needed, to show you’re vested in helping the client find the best solution. Pro-tip: Look for a deadline for submitting written questions, within the RFP. Clients often set a deadline for vendor questions.

Demonstrate the Value of Your Solution

Tailor your proposal to show how your company’s ed. tech. solution aligns with the client’s objectives and how your technology will effectively solve their challenges. Discuss the features and functionality of your technology in detail, such as showing how your solution will improve student learning and engagement or enhance administrative processes.

Provide a comprehensive implementation plan, broken down into easy-to-follow, realistic milestones. Each milestone should explain the expectations, timeline, and resources required from your team and the client’s team. Address how you will handle technical requirements as they relate to system integration. Explain your customer service approach, for issues that may arise in the future. Highlight the support your company will provide during the implementation phase to ensure a smooth transition to your technology.

Keep in mind that an Ed. Tech. proposal should be persuasive and professional. Always proofread and follow all submission guidelines. Our final tip for you: Let us help! At Bidify, we can generate winning proposals for you. Focus on what you do best, running your business and making money. Leave the RFP process and proposal generation to us. We’re ready to help!

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